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DTS was founded in 1980 in Misano Adriatico and has developed into an excellent supplier of multi-functional devices and professional spots with over 90 members of staff. With a strong commitment to management and technology, the company has developed new ideas for the future. A special feature of DTS is that the company puts its full and complete trust in its own strengths and does, as far as possible, not use external suppliers.

Almost all metal parts are therefore produced in the company's own turnery and tool manufacturing workshop. This is also the case for tool moulds- e.g. for the plastic casing components. This guarantees quality and control from the outset. The high level of production is verified by quality system standard UNI-EN-ISO 9001.

And the results are clear to see - in the truest sense of the word: equipment of the highest quality and reliability, produced using first-class materials and the most modern machines.



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