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Major belongs to the Lightpower group of companies. All Major products like luminaires, power distributions, cables and connectors, dimmers, rigging and safety ropes as well as colour strings are built in Germany and have earned themselves a great reputation for being used on multiple international projects over the years. Major products are high quality and have been adapted following direct cooperation with our customers to fulfil their needs. Major products solve problems and are made for daily use, offering an optimised price-to-performance ratio.


MAJOR Konfektion

Major - bespoke and custom-made products are “hand-made”

Major brand products are always governed by the maxim ”from real life – for real life”, characterised by a high degree of user friendliness and optimal price-to-performance ratio.

Furthermore we guarantee the use of first class professional components, which are purchased according to very strict quality standards.

Please have a look at our website: www.major-lighting.com




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