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The US company, which has been operating successfully since its foundation in 1910, has gained an undisputed reputation for "state of the art" production with its film products, coating colours and gobos. This means that no team understands the fascination of colours and their corrections as well as Stan Miller and his colleagues.    

Rosco product technology, originally developed for studios, theatres and entertainment, has now been adapted for architectural lighting. The company offers a wide range of flexible and creative opportunities for use in this field too.

Through the integration of British company DHA in May 2005, Rosco achieved even quicker and more direct access to their high-quality steel and glass gobos. This made the companies' partnership of 20 years official.

By taking over GAM Products Rosco offers all products of this renowned manufacturer. GAM was founded in 1975 as Great American Market and is amongst the pioneers in the areas of concert touring, opera, TV and movie. GAM's BlackWrap™, that was introduced to the market in 1983, was awarded with an Emmy in 2004.

The product family offers Gamcolor®, Gamtube™ + Supertube™, WindowGrip™, BlackWrap™, Motion Effects (FilmFX™, SX4®) and Gam Patterns.

Rosco offers a comprehensive range of professional Butterflies, Flags, Floppies as well as Egg Crates for movie and TV productions. All Roscotex products are manufactured in Spain. All products consist of tried-and-tested and high-grade materials and allow effective lighting regulation like diffusion, reflection or manipulation of lighting intensity and colour temperature.





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